DNA repair & recombination

Our vision is to translate basic knowledge of DNA repair pathways to treatments for cancer, bone marrow failure syndromes, and infertility. FANCM (Fanconi anemia complementation (FANC) group M) is a protein that can remodel a range of unique DNA structures, particularly structures that occur during DNA replication and repair. Similarly, FANCM is important to keep […]

The role of FANCM, a gene mutated in Fanconi Anaemia

Fanconi anaemia is an inherited disorder with greatly elevated risk of leukaemia and cancers. A causal gene called FANCM is a ‘tumour suppressor’. Our work is uncovering its tumour suppressor function: a complex function in repair of damage to our DNA. This study aims to understand how this protects us from cancer, and may influence […]