FAmily & Adult Meeting

11th - 13th October 2024

This year the FAmily & Adult Meeting is a leisure camp at Woodhouse Adventure Park, nestled amongst native bushland in picturesque Piccadilly, arguably the most charming part of the Adelaide Hills in South Australia. 

The camp accommodation and activities is free of charge for families affected by Fanconi Anaemia to attend.

Travel Sponsorship Available

If you are interested in attending the 2024 FAmily & Adult Meeting but require financial assistance to cover travel costs, FASA are offering limited travel sponsorship for families in financial need.  Please enquire below.

What's in store at Woodhouse Adventure Park

Woodhouse Adventure Park specialises in creating exceptional, memorable experiences through our shared love of the outdoors, encouraging visitors and guests to re-live their childhood and immerse themselves into the whole old-school camp experience.

Learn more about Woodhouse Adventure Park

This year's camp is being run by Edmund Rice Camps South Australia

In addition to some specific FASA activities, this year’s camp is being run by Edmund Rice Camps South Australia (ERCSA).

ERCSA will provide 1:1 ratio of leader to child and facilitate daytime activites.  This will leave parents free to relax, participate in their own leisure activities simutaneously, or enjoy their own R&R as they see fit.

ERCSA Volunteers will stay overnight, being present for evening Pastoral care sessions with any children or families who wish to participate.  They will also be available first thing in the morning to share breakfast and engage with the children.

In addition to running the resident Woodhouse activities, ERCSA will provide a variety of in-door activites including games, songs, stories, talent share, etc.

Register Your Interest

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The FAmily & Adult Meeting is
free to attend, and travel sponsorship may be available for interstate and overseas families.

Arrive: Friday 11th October*
Depart: Sunday 13th October 2024

*Families from Perth or New Zealand might like to arrive on Thursday evening.  In this case, FASA will assist with accommodation in this instance. 

*If you experience any issues with this form, please email your details to