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Run With FASA in 2024

Following Jimmy Tampion’s amazing efforts in the Ultra Marathon 50 2023,
FASA is planning to “Run Even Harder” in 2024

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This year Jimmy Tampion, along with committee member Eli Chan and friend Camryn Cooper will be dedicating their runs in the Sydney Marathon to FASA.

This gruelling 42km marathon will take place across various landmarks in Sydney during mid-September, finally crossing the Harbour Bridge to finish at the Opera House.

These three friends want to continue to support FASA who have done so much for Eli and his family already. Eli’s son, Noah, was diagnosed with Fanconi Anaemia when he was 12 months old in 2022.

About Fanconi Anaemia (FA)

FA is a rare, life-limiting genetic disorder causing bone marrow failure in children and a predisposition to gynaecological, head and neck cancers, together with other complications both in childhood and in later life.

We hope to raise $1,000 for each kilometre in the run (42km)

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About Fanconi Anaemia Support Australasia (FASA)

FASA was established in 2019 (and took the place of previous local FA organisations) to bring together families living with Fanconi Anaemia. It’s a rare disease, so the chance to meet and get to know other FA families, and to share knowledge, advice and experience, is invaluable. FASA is creating that virtual community across Australia, New Zealand and the world, and offering all the support we can. FASA is also closely aligned with and a supporter of St Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research in Melbourne, the centre of Fanconi Anaemia research in Australia.